Interviews With Our Elders - 2021

"He is also incredibly humble, and funny often making us call him, “The handsomest, coolest, bestest, awesomest Grandpa in the world.” But he wasn’t just a storyteller, and he wasn’t just funny, he was also an animal lover and a plant lover. My sister, mom and I had gotten my grandparents two cats, at my grandpa’s request. He loved both of them very much and even gave them his outdoor storage space that connected to his office, he called it the “Kitty Prison.” He also feeds the bluebirds that come to his house everyday, the bird’s names are Mr. Badbreath and Mrs. Badbreath."

"When my grammy asked me why I wasn’t asking the questions yet I told her that I was describing her and she said to write down that she is “Drop dead gorgeous”, not knowing that I was actually going to write it down."


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