Thursday, 11/7: Paperwork, Mental Floss, Test #12

Prep sheet for Test #12:
KBARR: ___/30 RBC Weather: ___/10  ___/5  ___/9
RBC Label: ___/7  ___/7   
Vocabulary: ___13   ___/13
Other Extra Credit:


Mental Floss.

  1. From what can you take away the whole, and still have some left?
  2. I am more microscopic than microscopic; I am more minuscule than minuscule. I am smaller than small and I am tinier than tiny. Yet surprisingly, I am still big. What am I?
  3. Wacky Wordy. What 6-word phrase is represented?

  4. Wacky Wordy: (2 words, one hyphenated)
    1. Do Do
    2. Dew Dew
    3. Due Due
  5. If men have two hands, and monkeys have four hands, what has three hands?
  6. A cat had three kittens: Mopsy, Topsy, and Spot. What was the mother’s name. Remember to please capitalize the name of the momma kitty when you write.
  7. What do these three things have in common? Corn, Weasel, Balloon


Test #12!

Doodle Theme: Wacky Invention.

Have a great 4-day weekend.

Wednesday, 11/6: Vocab Review, RBC – Product Label, Time Travel?

Tomorrow’s Test: Vocab Review (3 vocab question from each of the vocab sections on Tests 1, 2, 4, 5, 6), RBC – Bus Schedule, Husker Du – Proofreading, the end of TMA.

“Vocab Review, 11/6.”

  1. The Socs are the ____ social class in 1967 Tulsa.  a) rueful  b) illicit  c) vain  d) elite  e) asset  f) bleak  g) NOTA
  2. “Guess what I’ve been in jail for?” asked Dally, grinning ____(ly).     a) smolder  b) nonchalant  c) indignant  d) elite  e) incredulous  f) roguish  g) NOTA
  3. Dally spat on the ground ______(ly) when he thought of what the Socs did to Johnny.a) contemptuous  b) dogged  c) conducive  d) gorge  e) reluctant  f) indignant  g) NOTA
  4. Every time Mr. Coward played the beat, he _____(ed) a response from the class, who thought someone was coming through the door.  a) illicit  b) hysterical  c) elicit  d) acquit  e) wince  f) patronize  g) NOTA
  5. Even after I read the poem three times, the meaning still ______(ed) me.  a) elite  b) elude  c) conform  d) reminisce  e) fathom  f) circumvent  g) NOTA
  6. Most religions promise eternal _____ in something like Heaven.  a) incredulous  b) exploit  c) defunct  d) premonition  e) connotation  f) savvy  g) NOTA
  7. We know now that Dally’s toughness was just a _____.   a) facade  b) hysterical  c) fathom  d) reluctant  e) conform  f) leery  g) NOTA
  8. Her gentleness was a(n) _______ in her job as a veterinarian. a) savvy  b) asset  c) facade  d) connotation  e) leery  f) reminisce  g) NOTA
  9. My parents were a little _____ about the crowd I was hanging out with.  a) nonchalant  b) gingerly  c) leery  d) wistful  e) defunct  f) patronize  g) NOTA
  10. At first, Pony thought he might be able to ____ the Socs by acting tough.  a) bliss  b) illicit  c) elicit  d) implore  e) bluff  f) ironic  g) NOTA
  11. It was very (in)____ to cheat on a test and then brag.  a) reluctant  b) bluff  c) indignant  d) aloof  e) discrete  f) sage  g) NOTA
  12. The explorer’s ______(s) made great material for a book and movie.  a) circumvent  b) illicit  c) acquit  d) dumbfound  e) elude  f) exploit  g) NOTA
  13. Pony was _____ when he thought of what life was like when his parents were alive.  a) facade  b) hysterical  c) fathom  d) reluctant  e) wistful  f) leery  g) NOTA


Vocab Relay! I picked 10!


Correct RBC — Product Information. (7p)

“RBC – Product Label, 11/6.” (7p) Write the answer, not the letter.

  1. The medicine is labeled for use in all these cases, except…  a) flu.  b) common cold  c) aches and pains  d) headache  e) It is labeled for all these.
  2. For up to how many days can this medicine be taken for a headache?  a) 1  b) 3  c) 10  d) 14  e) It doesn’t say.
  3. This is an OTC drug, as opposed to a prescription one. What does OTC mean? 
  4. This drug can be used to reduce swelling.  a) True  b) False
  5. Who should not take the tablets at all?
  6. Since this is an OTC drug, it can be considered completely safe.  a) True  b) False
  7. As it is used on the label, what does the word Indications [A] mean?



Paradoxes (Thanks to Wikipedia!)

“Is the answer to this question no?”

Exception paradox: if every rule has an exception, then there must be an exception to the rule that every rule has an exception.
Variation: The only rule is that there are no rules.

“Practice moderation in all things. Including moderation.”


Think of all the paradoxes created by time travel!!

You can actually see backwards in time any day or night. You don’t need any sort of contraption either.  Try to guess how.  Any semi-reasonable, complete-sentence answer gets credit. Go.


“A Sound of Thunder” by Ray Bradbury

  • “I don’t try to describe the future. I try to prevent it.”
  • “Go to the edge of the cliff and jump off. Build your wings on the way down.”

Pick one of the quotes and explain to the person next to you what you think he means.


Read aloud

Tuesday, 11/5: Vocab Review, RBC-Weather, Alyce

“Vocab Review, 11/5.” I hope your notebook is organized! The dates for your definitions should match these!
incredulous, aloof, facade, ironic, exploit, conform, savvy, connotation, bliss, gingerly, wistful, reluctant, conducive, indignant, circumvent, leery, illicit, patronize, elicit, vain, siege, delirious

  1. (8/19) Even though he may not be “book-smart” he has a lot of _____ about the world.
  2. (8/19) Some people might have called him weird, but he preferred to be called a (non-)_____(ist).
  3. (8/19) For Esteban, the word dropout had the ____of a delinquent who breaks windows and graffitis and such.
  4. (8/26) At the party, he stood ______(ly) off to the side of the room, quietly watching the festivities.
  5. (8/26) It was rather _______ that her dog was run over by an Animal Rescue vehicle.
  6. (9/9) Moisture and heat help create an environment _____ to the growth of bacteria
  7. (9/9) A savvy person is usually ______ of a deal that looks too good to be true.
  8. (9/9) I was _____ when Dad blamed me for breaking the lamp instead of my sister. 
  9. (9/16) The teacher tried to ___ the correct response from the students by giving hints.
  10. (9/16) I did not want to be ___(ed); I felt I was savvy enough to make my own decisions.
  11. (9/16) I was _____ to tell the teacher about the cheating I saw, because the person was my friend.
  12. (9/23) The thief __(ed) the alarm system, and was able to steal the jewels.
  13. (9/23) The large farm owners are often accused of ____(ing) the workers who pick the crops.


Correct RBC p346/347: Weather Map (5p) + Charts/Graphs (10p)

“RBC – Weather, 11/5.”

  1. The horizontal lines on p346 represent…
  2. (p346) Many of the satellite photos we see on tv and on the ‘net are provided by the NOAA. What does that abbreviation stand for?
  3. In the context of weather (p347), the word precipitation means…
  4. What does the big capital H on the map on p347 mean?
  5. What do the shaded bands on the map on p347 represent?
  6. (p347) Areas of low pressure seem to be associated with…  a) warm temperatures  b) a lot of wind  c) flooding  d) precipitation e) cheese
  7. Which of these is the warmest city on the map on p347?  a) San Francisco  b) Las Vegas  c) Honolulu  d) Phoenix  e) Miami
  8. (p347) Which of these cities has weather that is most similar to our current weather?  a) San Francisco  b) Billings  c) Raleigh  d) Phoenix  e) Miami
  9. According to the map on p347, about how far is it from San Francisco to Salt Lake City?  a) 350 miles  b) 1000 miles  c) 1500 miles  d) 750 miles  e) You can’t tell.


ALYCE – to the end!

  • Alyce has three good options in Chapter 17; but instead of choosing one of these, she decides to return to the village.
    -What are her three options?  -Why does she decide to return to the village instead?
  • Initially, Jane Sharp would not allow Alyce to be her apprentice again. Why?
  • Did Alyce find what she was looking for from life?
  • What do you think the main theme of the book is?
  • Read the dedication. What does it mean?

-What might Alyce think about living here today and going to 7th Grade classes at Laguna? What makes you think so? What attributes does she have that might make her be successful here and now.


Monday, 11/4: Homework, AW’s, Debrief Test #11, TMA

Copy homework into planner. No vocab homework! Make sure you know the first 5 weeks’ worth of vocab words.
How many of these do you remember from Week #1?
bliss, infer, bleak, nonchalant, gingerly, rueful, savvy, conform, sage, fathom, connotation

  1. pain : pleasure :: confusion : ______
  2. rules : requirements :: happiness : ____
  3. For Esteban, the word dropout had the ____ of a gang member with a can a spray paint.
  4. I was able to _____ the meaning of the word from the way it was used.
  5. Nobody could _____ why he liked school so much even though he got all F’s.
  6. Even though I was nervous, I tried to act cool and ______.


“AW’s 11/4.”
adjustment (noun) small change
exposure (noun) display; attention; experience with something
modify (verb) to make changes to
monitor (verb) to check; to keep track of
transition (noun) change process

  1. Many people think that ______ to violence in games and movies can lead to real violence.
  2. (2) To make a(n) ________ is to _______ something.
  3. We have been working on ______ words and phrases such as “for example,” “secondly,” and “furthermore.”
  4. Parents should ______ what their kids are watching and what games they are playing.
  5. Stranded in the snowy mountains without a jacket, he almost died of _______.
  6. The US prides itself on a peaceful _______ from one president to the next.
  7. An adjective ____(s) a noun.
  8. After a(n) ______ or two, the car ran perfectly.
  9. Unless you take specific steps to stop it, your phone _____(s) almost all your actions.


Debrief Test #11. Sigh.



Friday, 11/1: Paperwork, Mental Floss, Test #11

Assembly Schedule (6th Period). Dia de Los Muertos Celebration at lunch.

Prep sheet for Test #11:
KBAR:___/20 Proofreading Bonus:+___ 20 points were possible. For every point above 15, give yourself +1.
Vocab Homework: ___/20      Vocab Practices: ___/13 ___/15  
Other Extra Credit: +3 for period 5 for Vocab Relay. Period 2 gets +2. +2 for Cerro San Luis. +2 for 9/9 on AW’s.


Mental Floss.

  1. Shmartiopolis was bragging to his friends that he was such an excellent darts player, he could hit the dartboard in any location at any time. “I’ll bet a hundred dollars that, no matter what position you name on the board, I’ll be able to hit it from 10 feet away.” Maddy, tired of Shmartiopolis’s bragging, shouted out an answer and won the bet. Where on the dartboard did Maddy suggest? 
  2. Wacky Wordies:  a)  b) 22Day
  3. What 8-letter word uses the letter “g” four times?
  4. A tennis player is ranked number 200. He moved up 87, went down 28, and went up 117 places. What is he ranked?
  5. A doctor and a bus driver are both in love with the same woman, an attractive girl with the unusual name of Pibbles. The bus driver had to go on a long bus trip that would last a week. Before he left, he gave Pibbles seven apples. Why?
  6. Use the clues below to figure out the missing four words to complete the old expression:
    Baby = Slept peacefully.  Child = Slept well.   Woman = Slept restlessly.   Man = Slept peacefully.
    —>The man ___  ___  ___  ___.

Test #11.

Doodle Theme: What Mr. Coward would be doing if he weren’t a teacher.