Thursday, 8/25: Vocab, Outsiders, Test Preview, Clickers!?


Tomorrow’s Test: Vocabulary, Outsiders, “Motto” and “Delinquent” and whatever else we’ve done in class this week. Here’s a preview:
“Test Practice, 8/25/16.” Write the answer, not the letter, and “click it.”

  1. Even though he may not be “book-smart” he has a lot of ____ about the world.  a) gingerly  b) savvy  c) infer  d) nonchalant  e) fathom
  2. Some people called him weird, but he preferred to be called a (non-)___(ist).  a) sage  b) rueful  c) infer  d) conform  e) fathom
  3. The old man was considered the ____ of the village because of all his experience and wisdom.  a) sage  b) rueful  c) nonchalant  d) bleak  e) fathom

  4. She speaks so softly that I can hardly hear her.  a) softly – adjective,  hardly – not  b) softly – not,  hardly – adjective  c) both adjectives  d) both not
  5. I bowl pretty well; my ball has pretty flowers on it.  a) well – adjective,  pretty – not  b) well – not,  pretty – adjective  c) both adjectives  d) both not

  6. In the poem “Delinquent,” who’s (the) delinquent?  a) Julie’s parents  b) Julie  c) society  d) All of the above.  e) NOTA (none of the above)
  7. What’s the message of the poem “Motto”?  a) YOLO  b) Enjoy the good things while you can.  c) Treat others how want to be treated.  d) “Dig it!”  e) NOTA
  8. 90% of 50 = _____  a) 5  b) 40  c) 45  d) 46  e) NOTA
  9. 89% = ____ (letter grade)   a) A-  b) B+  c) B  d) C  e) NOTA
  10. The two things you should bring to class EVERY DAY:  a) homework and pencil/pen  b) homework and KBARR book  c) pencil/pen and paper d) pencil/pen and spiral notebook  e) NOTA

  11. As used in The Outsiders, the word hood is short for _____.  a) hoodie  b) neighborhood  c) hoodlum  d) livelihood  e) cheese
  12. lb. : pound :: Soc : _______ a) society  b) sock  c) greaser  d) social  e) punch


Vocabulary Relay #1!



The Outsiders
Key Question:

  • What is a 1st person narrator? 2nd?  3rd? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each?
  • What is required to make a story? (Hint: it starts with a c.)


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Wednesday, 8/24: Adjectives, Vocab, Delinquent

Opening Act: “Unpack Your Adjectives.”

I will be checking Vocabulary Show Me You Know sentences.
“Warm Up, 8/24/16.” Just write the answer. You may use words more than once.

  1. _______ (Be prepared to explain why for 1-4.)
  2. ______
  3. ______
  4. ______
  5. cool : good :: dig : ______ (1 + 1. Not infer.)
  6. hopeful : bleak :: proud : _____
  7. Most religions promise eternal ______ in some place like Heaven.
  8. A person who doesn’t like to ______ to the group is often looked at as an outsider.
  9. Even though he may not be “book-smart” he has a lot of ____ about the world.
  10. Explain what the expression “Ignorance is bliss” means.
  11. Is the expression “Ignorance is bliss” a motto? Why/not?
  12. Based on the video, write a definition of what an adjective is/does:  “An adjective is a word that…”


Delinquent” by Langston Hughes



The Outsiders by S E Hinton

  • Key Questions.

    • 1967?
    • Connotations of the word “outsider”?
    • What does it mean to say, “Don’t judge a book by its cover”?
    • What is a 1st person narrator? 2nd?  3rd? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each?
    • What is required to make a story? (Hint: it starts with a c.)
    • Who are the “outsiders”?


Paul Newman?

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Tuesday, 8/23: Vocab, “Motto,” Dig It?

I will be checking vocabulary definitions while you work.
“Vocabulary, 8/23/16.”  Answers 1-10 will be vocabulary words. Use your pink sheet and your group homies to help you. For #1-4, choose which word best fits the picture and complete the sentence with a reason you think so. If you can justify more than one word for a picture, you might receive bonus credit.

  1. “_____ because…”
  2. “_____ because…”
  3. “_____ because…”
  4. “_____ because…”
  5. For Esteban, the word dropout had the ____ of a gang member with a can a spray paint.
  6. pain : pleasure :: confusion : ______
  7. rules : requirements :: happiness : ____
  8. I was able to _____ the meaning of the word from the way it was used.
  9. Nobody could _____ why he liked school so much even though he got all F’s.
  10. Even though I was nervous, I tried to act cool and ______.

  11. What is 10% of 50?
  12. An analogy is a _______.


(in your notebook)Motto by Langston Hughes     

     I play it cool
     and dig all jive. 
     That’s the reason 
     I stay alive. 
     My motto, 
     As I live and learn, 
     Dig and Be Dug 
     In Return. 

1) What is a motto?
2) What do you think he means when he says “play it cool” and  “dig all jive”?
3) What does he mean by “Dig and Be Dug In Return”?
4) What other saying(s) have you heard or use would mean something similar?

Audio Feature: The concept of “digging.”

Short Explanation Paper Assignment. Due next Tuesday, 8/30. (Add to your assignment book/planner.)

Monday, 8/22: Welcome to Mr. Coward’s 7th Grade English!

Welcome to Seventh Grade English!
(Short classes today due to the Tour Schedule.)
Seating Charts/Schedules/Name Pronunciation, etc.

Web Page: or or–>Mr. Coward
Know it. Use it. Love it.

I. Copy homework into assignment book (AKA: planner).
This is the first thing we do every week. The homework for the entire week goes up Monday (or the first day of the week).

II. Vocabulary Sheet. Rate your knowledge of this week’s words.

III. Analogies.
x : y :: a : b.
Translation: is related to y in the same way that a is related to b.
Example –> ice : melt : garbage : rot.

In Notebook: “Warm Up, 8/22/16.” Copy 1-3. Show your work on #4.

  1. tobacco : cigarette : : meat : _____
  2. boxer : athlete :: chair : ______
  3. needle : sew :: shovel : ______
  4. On a 40 point test, how many points would I need to receive an A (90%)?
  5. Which is correct: “18 plus 19 is 36,” or “18 plus 19 are 36″?

Time? AMA!

Welcome to Mr. Coward’s Web Page – 2016!

flashingdogWelcome back to Mr. Coward’s Seventh Grade page!
It’s our 19th year on the web, and our 24th year at Laguna!
Here are a few tips if you’re new here or if you’ve “forgotten.”headbeanie

  • Whenever you are absent, use the calendar (“What We Did That Day” or “Previously On”) and click the dates you were gone. You can also simply scroll down to the dates you were gone. Do what we did in class that day as best you can (IN YOUR NOTEBOOK) and show everything to me (IN YOUR NOTEBOOK) when you return. Be prepared with questions about whatever you didn’t understand.
  • Send emails to
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