Thursday, 3/21: V + R, TEM…

Tomorrow’s Test: Husker Du for your class, Vocab, EMen, TYM.

“Vocabulary 3/21.”

1. _____  2. _____  3. _____  4. _____  5._____ 6. _____
7. Pony and Johnny were _____ heroes!
8. The detective _____(ed) the criminal’s identity from the clues he left behind.
9. It was rather _______ of Pony and Johnny to rush into the burning church.
10. There are two commandments of the ten that forbid _____(ing).
11. The fireman jumped out of bed with _______ when the alarm sounded.
12. (2) The Socs always would say the word greaser _____(ly) and with ______(ing).
13. I’m _____? Do you even know what that means? (haha)
14. It seems the control system of the new Boeing airliners might be _____ to failure, so they were taken out of service.


Vocab Relay!


“The Earth Men Part I Quiz.” Write the ANSWER. (sigh)

  1. The best word to describe most Martians’ reaction to the Earth men would be… a) fear. b) anger. c) nonchalance. d) politeness. e) resentment.  f) NOTA
  2. What does the captain say that finally makes Mr. Aaa stop and listen to him?   a) “All the way from Earth.”  b) “Mr. Ttt sent us to see you.”  c) “Earth. Rocket. Men. Trip. Space.”  d) “We came sixty million miles.”  e) “We’re from Earth.”  f) NOTA
  3. What is it the Earth men want from the Martians?  a) Land. b) They want the Martians to surrender. c) Recognition. d) Goods to trade with Earth. e) All of the above.  f) NOTA
  4. Even though it doesn’t really have anything to do with the story, Ray Bradbury spends time describing a mechanical spider toy that the little girl plays with. What’s the point?  a) To show how weird the Martians are. b) To show us a glimpse of what Martian life is like. c) He’s comparing the Earth men to the spider; they are just toys that the Martians play with. d) To show that the girl really isn’t interested in the man’s story. e) B and D.   f) All of the above.
  5. It turns out that the line of work a Martian needs to be in to welcome Earth men is…   a) military.  b) government leader.  c) police.  d) immigration.  e) psychology.   f) Earth man welcoming.   g) NOTA
  6. “Without noticing them again, as if they had melted down through the floor…” (p23)  a) flashback  b) foreshadowing  c) metaphor  d) simile  e) NOTA
  7. What was the Martian’s explanation for the rocket?
  8. BONUS for +1: What is the inciting incident in this story?
  9. BONUS FOR +1: Find and fix the apostrophe error above.


“The Earth Men.”

How does this story relate to Poem #435?

“The Third Expedition.”

Wednesday, 3/20: Husker Du, Vocab, EMen

The Real Mars.

Husker Du, 3/20, Period One, Test #10.

Husker Du, 3/20, Period Two, Test #20.

Husker Du, 3/20, Period Five, Test #22.

Husker Du, 3/20, Period Six, Test #20.


“Vocab, 3/20.”

  1. _____
  2. _____
  3. _____
  4. _____
  5. I am not exactly _____ to helping you out of this mess, since it was your own fault.
  6. It was hard for Pony to understand the ____(ing) that Socs had for greasers.
  7. The helpful student picked up the trash with _____ after being asked to help out.
  8. He was ____(ed) to do all his homework before he watched any tv.
  9. He is a rather ____ liar; he tells so many lies, you can never tell which of his stories is true.
  10. obvious : subtle :: bogus : _______
  11. His mom tried to be very _____(ful) as she questioned him, trying to trick him into admitting he cheated.
  12. bold : audacious :: patronizing : ______

“The Earth Men.”





Mars Facts and Pics

    • Average temperature on Mars is about  -67, Martian surface temperatures range widely from as little as -207 at the winter pole to almost 80 on the day side during summer.
    • A Martian year is  686.98 days.
    • The pressure is only 1% of Earth’s. Almost no atmosphere.
    • Mars has permanent ice caps at both poles composed mostly of solid carbon dioxide (“dry ice”).
    • Pics and facts courtesy of


Tuesday, 3/19: Vocab, Roger, Mars!

“Vocab, 3/19.”

  1. _____
  2. _____
  3. _____
  4. _____
  5. _____
  6. The author Ray Bradbury was a very ____ writer, writing at least a thousand words per day.
  7. The bank clerk had to examine the two $100 bills very carefully to tell which was ______.
  8. He ____(ly) tried to jump the fountain on his motorcycle.
  9. That kind of car is very fast, but it is _____ to break down often.
  10. Work is what you are ______(ed) to do. Play is what you are not _____(ed) to do. (Same word.)
  11. Pony couldn’t get the image of Bob, ______ on the pavement, out of his head.
  12. On the show CSI, the crime scene investigators used science to ____ whom the killer was.


“TYM, 3/19.” Write the ANSWER. (15) Bonus. How does the African proverb, “It takes a village to raise a child,” relate to the story?

  1. Roger is…  a) a big strong kid. b) just average build.  c) thin but muscular.  d) weak and delicate.  e) fat.   f) NOTA
  2. Why might the boy have told the woman that he would run if she let him go?   a) He was afraid of her.  b) He knew she wouldn’t believe him if he said he wouldn’t.  c) He figured she wouldn’t let him go anyway.  d) All of the above. e) NOTA
  3. Roger probably would have gotten away with Mrs. Jones’ purse if only…  a) he could have run faster.  b) Mrs. Jones had not kicked him.   c) the purse strap hadn’t snapped.   d) he were a little sneakier.   e) NOTA
  4. Roger tried to steal Mrs. Jones’ purse… a) because he was hungry and needed money for food.   b) for the excitement. c) because he wanted a pair of shoes. d) because his family was poor and needed money.   e) a and d.   f) NOTA
  5. (quote) What does Mrs. Jones say Roger could have done to get the money instead of trying to steal her purse?
  6. Why does the boy say his face is dirty? a) He hates to wash.  b) He has nobody to tell him to wash it.  c) He’s been sleeping outside.  d) The water has been shut off at his house.  e) NOTA
  7. Why might Mrs. Jones treat Roger the way she does?  a) Because she’s lonely and needs someone to talk to.  b) She was like him as a kid herself.   c) She realizes that he needs someone to take care of him and teach him a few things. d) She thinks he needs the money.   e) b and c   e) All of the above.
  8. (quote) Why doesn’t Roger run after she turns him loose, or steal her purse when she leaves him alone with it?
  9. How is the story related to the Emily Dickinson poem? a) They’re both about broken hearts.  b) They’re both about a nice person.   c) The story’s author, Langston Hughes, was a poet too.   d) The speaker of the poem wants to do what Mrs. Jones did.  e) Both the poem and the story tell us what we should do with our lives.
    If I can stop one Heart from breaking
    I shall not live in vain
  10. (6) Draw a PLOT MOUNTAIN diagram for this story. Include one event for each part of the diagram.



“The Earth Men” from The Martian Chronicles by Ray Bradbury.

What happens (historically) when two very different cultures meet?

What does telepathy literally mean? ___ ___. (Up to +2!)
What do you think having true telepathy would be like?

Let’s go to Mars.

Monday, 3/18: Homework, WoD, Debrief Test 26, Thank You Ma’m

Homies: DBN Homebase Takeover.

Copy homework into planner.

Wheel of Doom!

“Husker Du, 3/18.” Period One.

“Husker Du, 3/18.” Period Two.

“Husker Du, 3/18.” Period Five.

“Husker Du, 3/18.” Period Six.

Debrief Test #26.

In honor of Dude, Be Nice Week…

“Thank You M’am.”

“It takes two parents to produce a child,
but it takes an entire village to raise the child.”
-African Proverb
What do you think? Should the community have some responsibility in making sure all kids turn out ok? Should raising a child be entirely the parents’ job? What about parents who aren’t doing their jobs? What about their kids?

What are our conflicts here?


How does this Emily Dickinson poem relate?
(in vain means without any point or purpose)

If I can stop one Heart from breaking
I shall not live in vain
If I can ease one Life the Aching
Or cool one Pain

Or help one fainting Robin
Unto his Nest again
I shall not live in Vain


Friday, 3/15: Paperwork, Mental Floss, Test #26

Prep sheet for Test #26:
Husker Du: ___/5 ___/5   KBARR: ___/40
Vocab Homework: ___/20 Vocab Practice: ___/:13 ___/11 ___/10
Other Extra Credit:
Period 2, +3 for vocab relay, all others +1.
+2 for 10/10 on SAWs, +1 for 8 or 9/10.


Mental Floss.

  1. Add, subtract, and then rearrange, to find the name of an animal:    MARMALADE + OIL – MAE = ________
  2.  You will be given clues for the two words. The second word is the first word with the first letter removed.
    a)  area between mountains –>   narrow passage between buildings
    b) spew out –>  leave out
    c) a shape –>  a number
  3. These word pairs are not in relation to each other, but if you find their synonyms, the two words will rhyme.  Example : Plump Feline = Fat Cat
    a) unadorned necklace   b) Funny/Smart Cat   c) Unusual Rabbit   d) Wedding Limo (2)  e) Untamed Minor
  4. (Palindromes) a) He drank a bottle of __  __  __ as he tied the __  __  __ around the neck of the little __  __  __ so she wouldn’t spill her drink on her dress.
    b)  The pitcher tore the __ __ __ __ __ __  __ cuff in his shoulder, and won’t be able to play for at least two months.

Test #26. Doodle Theme: Spring. (All meanings!)

Thursday, 3/14: Welcome Guest Teacher, SRI, Vocab, Giver Project

Welcome Guest Teacher! Remember: The Guest Teacher will be rating each class 1-10 for cooperation and behavior. Anything less than an 8 will result in “consequences.” The Guest Teacher will also leave a note about how things went in each class. It had better be a good note.

TOMORROW’S TEST: Unfortunately, tomorrow’s test will not be available until about 7:00 am tomorrow (Friday). Study the vocab practices, the poem we read yesterday, and the Husker Du test for your class.

Get a Chromebook. Log in. Open Chrome. Come here to

Work your way down the page.

I. SRI – Round 3. If you have recently taken this with Ms. Knutilla, Ms. Ahearn or someone else, please skip to Step II.


Click the blue RI icon on the lower left. Follow the directions. Make a note of your score. The last time we did this was 12/3. You should have written your number down back then. Compare!

Here is the chart of YEAR-END Proficiency Ranges.

II. “Vocab, 3/14.” Each word is used once. #2 is not disposition. #3 is not jovial. #6 is not conglomeration. Sorry about #8.


III. Work on your Giver Project, which is due tomorrow.

IV. If your Giver Project is finished (and shared with me), do extra credit vocab sentences.

V. If all of the above is finished. Doodle, read, or work on other homework.

Wednesday, 3/13: V + R, Emily D, G

Put down the dang phones!

Sub tomorrow. SRI!

“Vocab 3/13.”

  1. _____
  2. _____
  3. _____
  4. _____
  5. _____
  6. _____
  7. He seemed smart, even though most of the facts he knew were rather _____.
  8. Why do we have to go through all this ___ just to add on to our house?
  9. “He pinched her arm, a little bit with _____(ity), and a little bit with meanness, to get her to pay attention.”
  10.  “…masks that smiled or masks that frowned, according to the owners’ _______.”
  11. The roots of this word mean “not having reference to.”_____
  12. The root of this word meant “to look” and “watchtower.” _____




How could you prove that you’re not crazy?

Poem #435    by Emily Dickinson

Much Madness is divinest Sense–
To a discerning Eye–
Much Sense–the starkest Madness–
‘Tis the Majority
In this, as All, prevail–
Assent–and you are sane–
Demur–you’re straightway dangerous–
And handled with a Chain–
Madness = Craziness
divinest = most perfect
discerning eye = someone who looks closely and carefully
starkest = most obvious
prevail = win, rule
assent = say yes, agree
demur = say no, disagree

Together with your group, “translate” the poem. Yes, rewrite it in your own words. You should end up with 5 sentences. No it won’t rhyme.

  1. Use the vocab guide to help you.
  2. Pay special attention to the line:  “‘Tis the Majority In this as ALL, prevail…”
  3. What is the message of the poem? Is she correct?


“Previously On… The Giver!” Just do yesterday’s installment. Start with the release. Just write the announcer’s words and which words from the movie would also be heard.

Which scenes from the movie would you use for the trailer? Why?
What if we were making a “book trailer”? Would you use the same scenes? What would be different?